SimpleTabs - Unobtrusive Tabs + Ajax (v1.0)

Small, simple and unobtrusive Tab plugin for MooTools including support for Ajax content. Overlays semantic XHTML markup with a tabbed interface without additional changes. Customise the style and behaviour by changing the simplified CSS or via various custom Events.



  • Unobtrusive behaviour, visitors with disabled JavaScript or old browsers can still navigate through your content.
  • Simplified CSS and XHTML and behaviour-controlled CSS classes for complete styling control via sliding-doors or similar techniques.
  • Generates tabs from existing XHTML structure by replacing that content.
  • Requests and caches Ajax content on demand.

How to use

// Wait for the content ...
window.addEvent('domready', {
    var container = $('my-tabs')
    new SimpleTabs(container, {
        selector: '.header' // every element with class .header is removed and added as tab


Fully compatible with all A-Grade Browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 2+)


MooTools JavaScript Framework

Download MooTools 1.2 with at least these modules:

  • Fx.Tween
  • Selectors
  • Request.HTML
  • DomReady (facultative)



1.1 (2008-05-07)

Public release for MooTools 1.2 - Support for static content and Ajax requests - Simplified CSS and span’s to allow styling with sliding doors technique - Reads tab content from existing XHTML markup


All files are © 2008-2009 by Harald Kirschner and available under the MIT License.

Contact & Discussion

For asking questions, requesting features, filing bugs or contributing other thoughts on this project use the support forum below. Before posting a new question, read through the documentation and the contributed notes for an answer. For problem reports make sure to add enough details like browser, version and a link or the relevant code.

You can contact me for non-support related notes.

Professional Support

I am available for hire if you look for professional and swift help. I can come to your rescue for installation, customization or extending the existing source for your needs.

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Please use the support forums for discussing the project, asking questions or posting bug-fixes!

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Please use the support forums for discussing the project, asking questions or posting bug-fixes!

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