A test area for unreleased MooTools widgets, examples and useful snippets. The cool scripts will go in my project repository when people like them and when I have the time to write documentation. All examples and the accompanying sources/assets are © 2008 by Harald Kirschner and available under the MIT License.

Blue Chess

A proof-of-concept for a JavaScript chess game. No opponent, no full check-mate, nevertheless amusement.

Fly-over-background Tile ... or Fx.Scroll

One of the oldest showcases to present the fly-over-background behaviour known from Flash-based websites, but now also possible with Javascript + MooTools: smooth effect, simple code and an accessible result.

Mnemonic Password Generator

Generates easy to remember mnemonic passwords fast and simple.

Internet Consultant & Contractor

I'm available to combine forces with you and your team to find the most simple, elegant and convenient web solutions . I await your call.

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