June 20th, 2008
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10 Resources For Learning MooTools 1.2

This article is a comprehensive list of 10 resources for developing or expanding crazy MooTools 1.2 ninja skills!

The first links are beginner guides for starting your successful career and understanding the basic concepts. After a few minutes, you’ll eventually see the light and realize how easy your daily life with MooTools can be. Then follow the next links.

If you already know JavaScript, MooTools makes it very easy for you, because it builds its API on JavaScript. Writing MooTools still feels like JavaScript because it follows the same principles. It just results in less headaches and a lot more fun!

If you are stuck, feel free to drop into our IRC-channel or post to the google group. Our ever helpful community is ready to answer your questions.

Mootools Essentials: The Official Mootools Cookbook for JavaScript/Ajax Development

Mootools Essentials: The Official Mootools Cookbook for JavaScript/Ajax Development The MooTools 1.2 reference for your bookshelf. Mootools Essentials aims to help you accomplish that task with the following:

  • Illustrations of nearly every class and function in the library
  • Real–world examples of how to use them
  • Written by Mootools user/contributor and Mootorial author, Aaron Newton.

I was one of the lucky guys who received a copy to review it, so I’ll post a detailed review about the first MooTools book later. Release is very close, but you can pre-order your personal copy.

The mooWalkthrough

The mooWalkthrough is a step by step, page by page, walk through of the JavaScript Framework.

Take your time and click through the pages. This guide makes it really easy for beginners, because it covers all the basic patterns consicely. Every page shows a problem and its solution and references further resources.

MooTools 1.2 for The Non Programmer (Part 2, 3, 4)

Using JavaScript can be a bit daunting for the non-programmer types out there. So, I’m going to display a few examples of just how easy MooTools can be. Hopefully, this will get you motivated to do a bit of learning and see how powerful and usable MooTools can be.

A guide with “everyday” examples and non-technical descriptions. If you want a quick overview and skip the basic patterns, this one is for you.

MooTools Classes: How to use them

Object oriented Classes in JavaScript keep your project structure clean and result in readable and reusable code. This article explain the Class pattern for beginners.

Chaining with MooTools 1.2

Describes the Chain Class in a documented example. Extending and implementing Classes are the basics for reusable code.

**Using MooTools Hash.Cookie API **

Shows and explains how to use the Hash.Cookie Class for saving persistent data the simple way.

What’s New in 1.2: Swiff

Today we’re going to talk about Swiff, which lets you combine Flash and JavaScript to do things MooTools can’t do on its own.

What’s New in 1.2: Element Storage

Another new feature that’s been built into the latest version of MooTools is the Element Storage. This article describes the usage of this great new feature, as well as why it was developed, and how it can be used to keep your applications organized and efficient.

Day to Day Mootooling

When using Mootools from day to day, these links will light your path.

MooTools Documentation

Always the best place for some research. If you spot an error or want to add a better example or text file a ticket with a patch.

MooTools Source Code

The authoritative source of information on Mootools, the source is considered one of the cleanest and easiest to understand in the JavaScript world. The source itself demonstrates some of the best practices that you should follow in your own code, including how to extend the MooTools classes for your own features.

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Please use the support forums for discussing the project, asking questions or posting bug-fixes!

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