Harald Kirschner – Internet Consultant & Contractor

I am a university trained internet consultant and contractor currently located in Switzerland. I offer advanced solutions for websites and applications focusing on usability and accessibility. My expertise is in user interface design and development. I combine forces with you and your team to find the most simple, elegant and convenient solution to your problem without losing the project objective.

Project Quotes and Rates

Each project is quoted based on a daily, weekly or monthly contract. Regardless of the project type the quote I give is the quote that stands. I call this a hard quote and it works both ways. When you present me a project and after careful review, I will give you a quote based on a daily, weekly or monthly contract. No project is broken into hours and there is no hourly rate. This protects you and me from being overcharged and/or overworked. Once an agreement has been reached, the price that is quoted is the price that is paid. Contact me to get your quote.


The Logo

This hand crafted masterpiece was created by John Chavarria. He is CEO/Designer of Weelya, based in Montpellier, France. The talents behind Weelya created the open source APE Project, an Ajax Push Engine, for real time data streaming. I can`t thank him enough for his awesome work, it is simply genius!

The Web Craftsman

… is inspired by a great talk from Josh Porter, “On Being a Web Craftsman”. I found my own philosophies, ideas and work between these quotes and thoughts and think that web craftsmanship is one of the best labels for the work web developers do.

The Engineering

The frontend generator builds upon Agavi, an enterprise-grade MVC framework for PHP5, for serving the pages fast and reliable. Blueprint for the grid layout cuts down on my CSS development time so I have time to focus on the content and the minimal fancy effects with MooTools.

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Internet Consultant & Contractor

I'm available to combine forces with you and your team to find the most simple, elegant and convenient web solutions . I await your call.

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